SFX, MUFX, Moulage, Artistic Sculpture, Moulds, Props and MORE. . .

Wyrd Perceptions was founded out of a great love of the field of Special Effects, and out of a great respect for the practitioners who have forged the way for others like us.

We create makeup effects that will thrill, chill and terrify.  We also provide training prosthetics for medical schools and facilities to train, update and allow staff and students to practice their skills.  From injections practice to trauma triage practice – we have what you need.  Don’t see what you need?  No problem!  Or srtists will custom design to your specs and   we’ll create as few or as many as you need.

Our expert team will be onsite for your training days to make sure all prosthetics are custom installed and your “victims” look realistic enough to prepare them for the real thing.

Give us a call.  We’ll consult with you to create exactly what you need.