SFX, MUFX, Moulage, Artistic Sculpture, Moulds, Props and MORE. . .

Horror, SciFi, Trauma Training, Medical Simulation, Lifecasting and Pregnancy Capture Lifecasting  

We work primarily in the Fingerlakes/Central NY areas, but can travel for the right projects.

Ladies, I am looking for several of you, preferably in the Central, NY area, who are comfortable with working partially or fully nude for the purpose of making a life mold of your body. These molds are used to create artistic sculptures as well as for Special Effects and Medical Training. If you are interested, please shoot me a note and let’s discuss.

For Hire:
Men: Do you want a beautiful rendering of your girlfriend, fiance or wife to capture her exquisite form for private display?

Ladies: Do you want to give your boyfriend, fiance or husband a gift that is unlike any they will ever again receive?

Mothers-to-Be: Do you want to capture the miracle of your body during pregnancy? Tasteful and artistic renderings can be performed safely and with little to no work on your part – delivery is going to be enough for you to deal with – I make this simple and easy. =)

Models, I can do this for you as well. Special arrangements can be made if I am allowed to sell copies of your miracle. I will work with you one-on-one or with my “team” to create a lasting sculpture of your full body or any part(s) you desire. Prices will vary depending on what I am casting and the medium you desire the finished product to be presented in. From start-to-finish, I can generally turn one of these pieces out within a few days to a week. First come, first served of course.

Note: Private pieces will belong to you and you alone – unless you would like to make a few dollars on each of your sculptures that sell. Private pieces with incur a premium charge to cover materials. Sculpts done for my studio will belong to me and me alone – unless previous arrangement is agreed upon.

Let’s make you in to a timeless piece of art!